31 July 2010

The boy/friend

Girlfriend fiction 19

by R M Corbet

Allen and Unwin. Australian, Young Adult, Romance. Paperback rrp $14.99

Two teenagers living in the same street their whole life. Boy and girl. Best friends. One a punk rocker named after Louis Armstrong, the other, smart and intelligent and transferring to an all-girl school after winning a scholarship. What happens when both kids see each other as more than just friends?
Maude and Lou have been friends since childhood. They have their own secret spot down by the river, they built their own tree house together but now they are older and their lives are diverging in different directions. Neither can see the friendship as it was.

Eventually Lou makes the brave move of asking Maude to the movies.

‘You got a problem with that?’
‘No. Except that it’s Friday and …’
‘And what?’
‘It sounds like you’re asking me out.’
‘I am asking you out.’
‘It sounds like you’re asking me out on a date.’
‘It’s not a date. It’s a movie.’

And so the friendship starts to unravel. Jealousy, dances, a new band, a few hairy bikies, another boy or two, another girl or two, a lot of junk – how will these two ever get together now!

A light hearted look at best mates growing up and discovering what it really is that makes their friendship work so well.

My Life and other Catastrophes (Issue 5), What Supergirl Did Next, Something More, Little Bird and Fifteen Love (also by R M Corbet), A Letter from Luisa, Thirteen Pearls are Girlfriend Fiction Series titles previously reviewed in the Reading Stack.


Reviewed by Barbara Brown

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