13 October 2009

A Letter from Luisa

by Rowena Mohr

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Young Adult, Girlfriend Fiction. Paperback rrp $14.99

Luisa is a teenage girl who seems to be in control. Very controlled. She has her homework sorted, her musician father and little ballerina sister organised and the Motherwell High School Twilight Fete running along smoothly. Everything is just right.

But nothing ever happens as it should when your heart strings are pulled. And Luisa’s strings are being twanged all over the place by Year 12 rock god, Jet Lucas. Luisa decides that Jet must play at the fete and Luisa must be his sound technician. What could possibly go wrong? Jet can play, Luisa’s dad has all the sound equipment and Luisa knows how to use it.

Luisa overlooks one very important fact - friendships, family and boys shouldn’t be all organised. Things should be left to play to their own beat. When the fete turns upside down with cars exploding, dogs burning and teachers being arrested for terrorism, Luisa starts to realise that her song is just beginning!

A Letter from Luisa is a funny look at when we set our sights on something we can be blinded by the different notes beating out of rhythm around us that we ignore all the right notes and go straight to the bad ones.

My 13-year-old daughter is a fan of the Girlfriend series– a huge recommendation because she isn’t serious about reading. Yet. Girlfriend fiction is helping change that. A Letter from Luisa is the sixteenth book in the series.

My Life and other Catastrophes (Issue 5) (also by Mohr), What Supergirl Did Next, Something More, Little Bird and Fifteen Love are Girlfriend Fiction Series titles previously reviewed in the Reading Stack.


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