28 September 2009

Fifteen Love

by RM Corbet

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Young Adult, Girlfriend Fiction. Paperback rrp $14.99

Will is a 15-year-old who aspires to be a fly on the wall wherever girls are talking. He wants to know what girls talk about because then maybe, he can talk to Mia. But Mia isn’t really interested in boys. She thinks that all they talk about is sport, cars and sex.

Will lies around at school, on his back in his tracksuit, looking at the clouds. Mia spends most of her time listening to her best friends Vanessa and Renata talking about boys and clothes.

Mia plays viola. Will plays tennis. Mia is an only child with a wild puppy. Will has a younger brother who had an accident and as a result, never grew up.

For these two young teenagers what they really need is to find out how to talk to each other. But a lot has to happen first.

Fifteen Love is story about friends, family, misunderstandings and love. A great read for teenage girls who want to know exactly what boys think.

My Life and other Catastrophes (Issue 5), What Supergirl Did Next, Little Bird, are Girlfriend Fiction Series titles previously reviewed in the Reading Stack.


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