28 September 2009

Blue Noise

by Debra Oswald

Random House Australia. Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $18.95

There’s an electric guitar rock playing boy. There’s a classical pianist girl. And then there’s a blues band. What happens when you throw these three things together? Blue Noise.

Ash isn’t very happy with his home life and spends his time drooling over his dream guitar in the local music shop. Erin is shy and insecure but a hugely talented classical musician. When Ash meets Charlie, a weird kid who loves blues, he is convinced to join Charlie’s band. Erin is headhunted by Charlie as well and she realises that it could be good for her shyness, and besides Ash is in the band.

Both Ash and Erin can see the band is doomed to fail. But Charlie’s love for the blues and his “anything is possible” attitude is contagious. Maybe the blues, and the band, will work after all.

When the band starts to work well, is when the communications start to break down.

For any kid out there wanting to form a band, be in a band, or just play music … I recommend Blue Noise.


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