16 April 2010

Thirteen Pearls

by Melaina Faranda

Allen and Unwin. Australian, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $14.99

Edie lives in Cairns and attends high school there. She has spent the last three years scrimping and saving to build her boat. The boat that will take her sailing solo around the world. She is only a few thousand dollars off achieving her dream when she gets sacked from her part-time job.

Luckily, her uncle offers her six weeks work babysitting his step-son on his pearl farm island in the far north of Queensland. How hard could it be to look after a four-year old?

Edie goes blindly into the unknown despite words of warning from her mother. From the moment Edie arrives on Thursday Island, events take strange twists and turns and when she finally arrives at Thirteen Pearls, her romantic images are quickly dashed. Her dreams could just be that – dreams. Edie’s emotions are tossed around and then shaken and split just like the cyclone that threatens to destroy Thirteen Pearls and the young inhabitants.

Thirteen Pearls is a wonderful adventure story for girls. Edie is not your average high school teen heroine - but a strong individual with a sense of direction. A wonderful story with a wonderful main character. Melaina Faranda knows how to grab a girl’s attention!

Thirteen Pearls is the 18th novel in The Girlfriend Fiction Series.


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