29 July 2010

Chanel Sweethearts

by Cate Kendall

Random House. Australian, Adult Fiction. Paperback rrp$32.95

Jessica Wainwright was born, bred and raised in rural Victoria on a large property next to the ocean and only a few hours’ drive from Melbourne. Her home town, Stumpy Gully is a holiday haven in the summer months for the rich Melbournites.

Two friends from her school days, Rainbow and Songbird, are hippy ecowarriors trying to create a new energy efficient fuel on their property. Another friend, Tori, is having marriage difficulties and has left the city life to sort herself out in Stumpy Gully. And then there is Nick. Her childhood friend and best mate. But is that all she wants from him and he from her?

Stumpy Gully has a lot to offer the tourist and Jess’ gallery café in town is a popular choice. Jess has built the business up over the years, using her artistic side to create a haven where the tourists and locals can grab a coffee or gourmet lunch while admiring the artwork and eclectic pieces around the café and the gallery.

When an old University friend drops in and offers her a fantastic job in the city working for a famous designer, Jess is torn between her comfortable but predictable lifestyle at Stumpy Gully and spending her days doing what she always dreamed about – creating. But what of the friends she will leave behind, especially Nick? Is it meant to be only friendship and never romance.

Someone has a secret agenda with the Wainwright’s property which brings to the story a new level of intrigue and surprise. I promise you will never suspect who it is.

Chanel Sweethearts is a story full of drama and suspense with a little romance on the side. Just what every girl needs! I found the title of the book confusing but still, I enjoyed it so much it is a book that I will certainly reread one day.

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