27 July 2010

School for Heroes

Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior

by Jackie French, illustrated by Andrea F Potter

Harper Collins Australia. Australian, Fantasy, Junior. Paperback rrp $20.00

Guest Reviewer - Josie aged 12

School for Heroes: Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior is a 378 page book filled with black and white drawings by Andrea F Potter, that help you to understand the storyline better, if you are having trouble to understand the story. However, Jackie French described the characters so well that the picture she painted inside my head helped better than the pictures drawn by Andrea F Potter.

The story is about a young werewolf named Boo, who smells something in the ice cream factory- ‘The best ice cream in the universes’ – which is owned by Boo’s Mother. When Boo walks in he sees the Greedle, inside the shop, with the best ice cream in the universes, AND Boo’s Mother! Boo manages to save the ice cream, but the Greedle escapes with Boo’s mother.

Determined to rescue his mother, Boo is then sent to the School for Heroes where he learns to fight bogeys, and finds new friends including a mysterious girl named Yesterday. When reading this book you wil find out:

1. Why Yesterday takes home the school rubbish.
2. Whether or not Boo rescues his mother.
3. And many more, that you will have to read about to find out!

This book always kept me on my toes, wandering what was going to happen next. It was very exciting, yet humorous at the same time. Jackie French did an absolutely marvellous job of creating fun characters you could really imagine, I found the story line a little bit silly, and not very believable, however I had a good laugh!

I recommend this book for girls and boys aged 8-12, so I as a mature 12 year old reader found this book a little bit easy and it wouldn’t be good for children over 12. Overall I rate this book 7/10 because it was a great book, but I would’ve enjoyed it more if I was younger.


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