15 October 2011

The Key to Starveldt

The Rare: Book Two

by Foz Meadows

Ford Street Publishing. Australian, Fantasy, Young Adult. Paperback RRP $19.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Solace Morgan and her group of friends each have unusual gifts – the Rare.

A prophecy was left to Solace from her parents – the parents she never knew – and now she and her friends, Evan, Manx, Electra, Jess, Laine, Paige and Harper have to unravel the cryptic clues it contains about each of them.

“The Rookery lives at the Sign of the Singing Hawk. My daughter, if you read this, seek Liluye there. She can be trusted. Mayhap she knows more of the prophecy. At the very least, she can guide you – not only to Sanguisidera, but in yourself. Homewards.”

They leave the confines of their safety house somewhere in Sydney and enter a different realm, the Rookery, where everything is so different it is hard to imagine anything normal again. But the Rookery is safe for Solace and the Key to Starveldt, the one thing that Grief, Solace’s evil brother and Lord of the Bloodkin, wants.

Solace has problems with her friends and relationships within the group - add danger, lies, secrets and death into the mix and the eight friends start questioning each other and their gifts. Has Grief infiltrated the group without having to step into the Rookery? Can the eight find the Castle of Starveldt before Grief does?

I loved Solace and Grief and waited impatiently for The Key to Starveldt. Now I have to wait again … for the third book Falling into Midnight.

The Reading Stack reviewed Solace and Grief - The Rare: Book One  in March 2010.


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