18 October 2011


by Kathy Reichs

Random House. Young Adult, Mystery. Paperback RRP $29.95

Guest reviewer – Ian Brown

Virals is the story of Tory Brennan who, after the sudden death of her mother, goes to live with her marine biologist father whom she has never met, on a remote island in South Carolina.

Tory hangs out with a group of other teenagers who also live on the island. Together they explore the nearby Loggerhead Island and discover there is something strange going on at the Research Institute.

The group rescue a dog from the top secret laboratory and are exposed to a rare virus. This virus gives them the senses and reflexes of a canine. Now they have to solve a murder if they can stay alive long enough.

This is a great read for teenagers who like a lot of action - mysterious men with guns, an old murder, breaking into the labs, having your DNA changed. There’s many plots and twists to keep the reader involved.

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