01 March 2010

Solace and Grief

The Rare: Book One
by Foz Meadows

Ford Street Publishing. Australian, Fantasy, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $19.95

Not another book about vampires! Well yes … and no. There are many reasons why Solace and Grief is different to other vampire books including that it is set in Sydney, Australia.

Along with Solace, the true vampire, there are her friends who are referred to as The Rare. The Rare are humans who have talents such as shape shifting, seeing the future, and travelling to other dimensions. Maybe they aren’t that human after all.

Solace Morgan grew up in foster care, never chosen to go with a real family. She feels there is something wrong with her and works hard to hide the characteristics that mark her as different.

But coming of age, Solace is compelled to leave and begins a journey where she meets The Rare and her own kind. She learns of her past and what is predicted for her future. Who are Grief and Sharpsoft? Why are her newfound friends referred to in a book written by her dead mother? What is her destiny?

I love a good vampire story and Solace and Grief has to be on the top of my list in this category. The only problem I have is the ending. It left me unwilling to wait for the next instalment. I have many questions for The Key to Starveldt to answer.


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