18 September 2011

SmartyCat Series


by Louise Park, illustrated by Jeannette Rowe

ABC Books. Australian, Picture, Learning. Paperback RRP $5.99

Here is a great series for children that will help answer some of the most simplest but difficult to answer questions.

In Thunder, SmartyCat asks Who and How, two brave little owls, the question “What is thunder?”. The two owls then explain how thunder is created and what it is. Young children need never be scared of it again.

With Rowe’s bright coloured flat illustrations and Park’s simple wording it is great to know that a child will easily retain the explanation and the answer and understand it as well. With a joke and an activity at the end of each book, a child can further reiterate what they have learnt. The reader will not even realise they are learning.

With 12 books so far in the series including Rain, Shadows, and Frog I think they would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library and great as an information source for primary schools.

The Reading Stack reviewed Jeannette Rowe’s Whose Dinner? in April 2009.


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