16 September 2011

Diva Series

Girls Stuff/Girls at Sea

by Sue Lawson

black dog books. Australian, Children’s. Paperback RRP $7.99

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Girls Stuff and Girls at Sea are the fifth and sixth books in the Diva Series originally printed in 2007 and rereleased this year with new eye catching, silver foil jackets.

The Diva Series follows the adventures of teenager Micky Farrell as she pursues her dream to become a singing star. Each book is a complete story on its own and can be enjoyed independent of reading the complete series.

Within the first few paragraphs of Girls Stuff, the reader learns Mickey was previously in the finals of the Diva singing competition and now is embarking on a new job working as the co-host of a television show called “Girls Stuff TV”.

In Girls at Sea Mickey completes her first real assignment for Girls Stuff TV. Mickey and her co-hosts go to the ocean to whale watch and interview people and along the way she learns about keeping secrets and looking out for your friends.

Both books contain unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader intrigued. There are simple, unpatronising life messages for young girls about friendships and trust. At the end of each book is a quick quiz which is fun. You can find out if you are a good friend or a worry wart.

Diva books are a particularly suited to girls aged 8 to 12 years.

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