20 September 2011

Samuel’s Kisses

by Karen Collum, illustrated by Serena Geddes

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Picture. Hardcover RRP $24.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Here is a beautiful book to give to a child, a parent, a grandparent or anyone who needs a kiss!

Samuel loves going shopping with his mother and on this particular day Samuel encounters lots of people – in the post office, the supermarket, the bank. When Samuel smiles at the people that are cranky, tired, impatient or have things on their mind, these people don’t smile back.

Samuel’s solution to help these people – as only a toddler can – is to send them a kiss. What happens next is a wonderful thing.

The simple art of sending a kiss can brighten up anyone’s day. In Samuel’s Kisses Collum and Geddes bring this feeling to us all through the wonderful words and simple but beautiful illustrations. Geddes has captured the expressions on each and every face perfectly. It has brightened my day.


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