03 April 2009

Whose dinner?

by Jeannette Rowe

ABC Books. Australian Picture, Young Reader. Paperback rrp $12.95

I totally forgot I had this book to review. Why? Because my five year old likes to have a book read to him each night by his father and he had secretly taken possession of it. Only when he showed me something very funny in the book did I actually remember I had it.

There is no higher praise than that. Out of the mouths of (almost) babes. Brilliant.

Whose dinner? is a lift the flap book where you find out who is going to eat each of the items shown. I guessed wrong quite a few times. Colourful and vibrant and now very well read. Thank you Jeanette for making reading fun.

P.S. My son now is enquiring with great mirth when I am going to purchase one of the books featured on the back page, Whose poo? I must admit I am curious too… off to the book store I go!


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