03 April 2009

Pop Princess

by Isabelle Merlin

Random House. Junior, Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $17.95

I didn’t get to even have a look at this book – it was snatched out of my hands by my 12½ year old daughter. This is the second book by Isabelle Merlin. I reviewed her debut release, Three Wishes, in Issue 9 and if you have read that you would have found out that my daughter tried to snatch it from me too. But I got lucky and read Three Wishes before she did - so I could get my review in on time.

Second time around I haven’t been so lucky. The only section I have managed to read of Pop Princess is the back cover blurb. But by far the biggest compliment to Merlin is that my daughter read the book in three days – her usual turn around time is approximately 2 months! And she hasn’t handed it over to me yet. I think I have to wait in line behind all her friends.

So I asked my daughter for a review. Typical answer was – “great”.

Pop Princess is about an Australian teenage, Lucie Rees, who gets to work for a very famous but troubled young pop start, Arizona Kingdom. The job is based in Paris. How lucky can Lucie be? That is until strange things start happening that put both Lucie and Arizona’s lives in danger.

That is all I can tell you so far – my daughter won’t give me any more information.
A feature which is sure to attract teenage readers is the interface to current technology. For Pop Princess you can listen to Arizona sing at
www.bebo.com/sepajamax or you can add Max and Lucie as friends at www.bebo.com/MaxD955 or www.bebo.com/LucieO56 and start corresponding with them.

Merlin is a talented writer. I can attest her books can grab a teenage girl and get her to WANT to read. I had to laugh when my daughter threw my own words back at me last night . . . “Mum, ssshhh. I am nearly finished this book!” She’s on to another one!


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