20 February 2012

Nancy Bentley

The First Australian Female Sailor

by Tracey Hawkins and illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Junior, Historical. Hardcover RRP $24.95

Nancy Bentley lived in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1920. While playing around the harbour she was bitten by a snake. There were no hospitals or doctors nearby but luckily the HMAS Sydney was moored in the bay. The problems began the moment Nancy set foot on the ship. In those days, no woman was allowed on board a naval vessel. The Captain was at a dilemma. How could Nancy stay on board under the care of the ships surgeon? A unique solution was found. At six years of age Nancy Bentley was enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy.

Children will delight in reading this wonderful story that tells a small but interesting part of Australia’s history. With original photographs and scans of Nancy’s entrance and discharge papers, Nancy Bentley is an excellent Australian history book to have on school shelves.

The Reading Stack reviewed Tracey Hawkins Martha’s Journey in April 2009 and Jacqui Grantford’s Molly’sMemory Jar in March 2010.

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