07 December 2011

The Delta

by Tony Park

Pan Macmillan. Australian, Thriller. Paperback RRP $32.99
Guest Reviewer – Ian Brown

Australian Author, Tony Park, divides his time between Sydney and Southern Africa. He has written a number of adventure novels set in Africa.

The Delta is set in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The story is about ex-soldier turned Mercenary, Sonja Kurtz, who, after a failed attempt to assassinate the president of Zimbabwe, hides out in the Okavango Delta, were she spent a large part of her youth. She wants to leave her mercenary life and start anew with her daughter who lives in London.

She is recruited to help save the Delta from destruction. Her job is to halt a dam that will destroy the delta’s swamps and waterway’s. This involves Sterling Smith her former boyfriend who runs a safari camp in the delta, Martin Steele, her mercenary boss, and American TV wildlife presenter Sam Chapman, who is in Botswana doing a reality gone wrong.

Murder, intrigue, action and plot twists make this a book you won’t put down in a hurry. A great read it certainly made me want to search out more of Tony Park’s Africa novels.

 The Reading Stack reviewed Shane Bryant with Tony Park’s War Dogs in September 2010.

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