04 March 2010

Molly’s Memory Jar

by Norma Spaulding. Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

New Frontier Publishing. Picture Book, Australian. Hardback rrp $24.95

Molly’s golden retriever, Lucy, has died and Molly is sad. Molly’s father suggests that she creates a special memory jar for Lucy.

Molly uses different coloured marbles for the different memories of Lucy. Soon the Memory Jar is full of colours and Molly has something special to remember Lucy by.

Jacqui Grantford’s pictures are magical. As Molly thinks of a colour, the pages light up with the same colour. Gradually the impressive black and white illustrations burst forth with vibrant colours.

Molly’s Memory Jar is a beautiful story of a child coping with loss. A very special book.


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