03 March 2010

Princess for Hire

by Lindsey Leavitt

Hard Grant Egmont. Junior, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $18.99

There is always one wish that most young girls share. Sometimes it is said differently but the results are the same. I want to be famous, I want to be a princess, I want to be rich.

Desi Bascomb always dreamed that she was special. She didn’t know why but she just thought there was something different about her. And it wasn’t because she worked part-time dressed up as a groundhog for a pet shop.

Then Desi wished. ‘I wish I was the kind of person who made an impact. Like grace Kelly. Minus the car wreck.’

But what happens when your wish is granted, and it’s not quite what you were expecting? Not only does Desi find that she has MP (magic potential) but her new job will be to substitute for real princesses. Unfortunately, not all princesses live in big palaces and are beautiful, talented and glamorous.

Princess for Hire is a quirky story guaranteed to make you think before you wish!


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