08 September 2011


by Colin Thompson

Random House. Australian, Picture Book. Hardcover RRP $24.95

In 1952 Barry came to Earth to save the world. But Barry fell down the back of a sofa and his creators couldn’t get him out again. So he stays in the back of the sofa, controlling the world with his brain back on his home planet, far away.

Barry receives messages to create floods or bring butterflies to the South Pole. He doesn’t question his commands, he just does them.

One day, Barry is discovered and he sees what he has done to the world. Barry realises his mistakes and starts to fix things. Is it too late?

A very entertaining book which will inspire discussion of many environmental issues that are relevant to today’s world. With Thompson’s quirky and fun illustrations this is a great book to have to read and look at.

The Reading Stack has reviewed Colin Thompson’s Free to a Good Home  in July 2009 and Fearless in February 2010.


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