06 September 2011


by Kate Gordon

Random House. Australian, Supernatural, Mystery, Young Adult. Paperback RRP $17.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Tessa has no memory. She remembers her first name but that is all. She was found in the woods near Hobart, naked, alone, with strange horrible scars across her back and no memory.

Policewoman, Connolly, helps Tessa to adjust and enrols her into an elite boarding school where Connolly’s daughter, Cat, once attended … until she went missing.

Are Cat and Tessa connected somehow? There is more to the two girls than just Connolly, their age and the school. The mountains behind Hobart have many hidden secrets and Tessa starts to learn more as she tries to remember her past. Her dreams show Tessa glimpses of a past that doesn’t seem to be from the present but over a hundred years ago.

When Tessa’s roommate finds a book with a photograph of Tessa, her world starts to make less sense than ever before. And when it couldn’t get any worse, her scars start to cause incredible problems.

thyla is a book that will appeal to readers who are over the vampires and werewolves but still like that supernatural genre. vulpi is the awaited sequel which will be out soon. I can’t wait.


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