10 September 2011

Bobo, My Superdog

by Michael Salmon

Ford Street Publishing. Australian, Picture, Children. Hardback RRP $19.95

Bobo is a typical dog. He burys his bones in the garden, has his own doggy kennel in the backyard and barks at the possums at night but Bobo has a secret and only his young human owner knows it. Bobo is Super-Bo, a dog with super powers that spends his days fighting to save princesses from dragons, explorers from ferocious snakes and the city from a slimy monster.

Bobo and his owner have to keep his secret hidden from the boy’s parents and everyone else so Super-Bo wears a mask and an old striped beach towel for a cape. When the parents think Bobo is sleeping all day in his kennel, he is being a super dog.

When the mayor wants to reward this super dog with a medal, how will Bobo ever hide his secret?

A funny story of one super dog and his master with wonderfully detailed illustrations.


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