20 June 2011

Death Mask

by Kathryn Fox

Pan Macmillan. Australian, Crime, Thriller. Paperback RRP $32.99

Guest Reviewer – Ian Brown

This is a powerful book about the culture of American football heroes although it could be set anywhere and based on any sport.

Death Mask starts with a young bride about to marry Brett, her boyfriend and a major football star. Hannah, a virgin, has saved herself for her wedding night but ends up contracting multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

When a woman is raped by five major football players no one believes her despite all the evidence. It causes a major scandal and the media and fans blame her.

Dr Anya Crichton, a forensic and sexual assault expert, is asked to get involved by the team managers. As she investigates further she uncovers a history of violence and abuse that she could not have imagined.

With the help of private investigator Ethan, they attempt to find the truth.

Death Mask is a fast paced thriller that is hard to put down. You never know what is about to happen. Highly recommended.


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