18 June 2011

Chic on a Shoestring

by Mary Jane Baxter

Simon and Schuster. Adult Non-Fiction. Paperback RRP $29.99

Here is a wonderful book that I just had to possess. Money is a bit tight these days and I love to “collect” things and in my world of recycling and reusing, Chic on a Shoestring is perfect.

Have you got some wonderful outfits in the wardrobe that no longer fit or are a bit unfashionable but you don’t want to throw them out? I have and Mary Jane Baxter has shown me how to give my clothes, shoes, bags and hats a new lease on life. Even my broken jewellery can be created into some wonderful new accessories.

Who knew that an old tie could be reused into a cute purse, or the 60’s pom pom – wow what you can do with them! A change of a few buttons and voilĂ , your dress, cardigan, jeans or jumper have a trendy new lease of life. There is very little sewing and what there is, is explained step by step in the front of the book. So no excuses!

This is great for new ideas - my cheap plain umbrella has been transformed into a striking accessory for trudging through the rain!


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