22 June 2011

The Goannas of No 1 Martin Place

Vicki Steggall and illustrations by Danny Snell

ABC Books. Australian, Picture, Children. Hardback RRP $24.99

Moreton and his parents, Go-ma and Go-pa live in the beautiful Sydney Botanic Gardens. Their life is perfect except more and more of those pesky humans are invading their home. So Go-pa goes out searching for the perfect spot – sunny, away from humans and high.

Finally Go-pa comes home one evening with the exciting news of a new home - No 1 Martin Place is the GPO clock tower and at the top is a little glass room. Perfect for a goanna family - quiet, sunny and away from humans.
Soon after Martin is born and life for Moreton becomes even better with a little brother to play with. But they learn that there is someone who doesn’t like the goanna family living on his turf, the Pitt Street Cat.

Moreton befriends some unlikely helpers in the quest to get rid of the mean and nasty Pitt Street Cat so everyone can live a safe and happy life in No 1 Martin Place.

The Goannas of No 1 Martin Place is a story of unusual friendships and life in the big city told from the unusual perspective of a goanna. With the eye-catching illustrations you can enjoy the story even more. The Pitt Street Cat is a mean looking fellow!

A book that children will treasure. When you take them to Sydney the first sightseeing stop will be the GPO clock tower – where they might just catch a glimpse of a little goanna.


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