23 March 2011


A Dark Touch Novel

by Amy Meredith

Random House Australia. Young Adult, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Paperback RRP $17.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Book three of the Dark Touch Novel series starts with a severe heatwave hitting Deepdene. Along with this heatwave is a plague affecting the citizens of the small coastal holiday village for rich New Yorkers. No-one has died from the plague despite the fever, rash and then skin falling off in chunks.
Eve Evergold is the local Deepdene witch and with the help of her best friend Jess and Luke, the boy that seems to have Eve on his mind and he on hers, they set out to try and figure out if the plague, along with the weather, is caused by a demon or is just a virus that is running rampant throughout their small community.

But Eve has sealed the portal that allows demons to easily come and go and it still is secure. Where and what is this new demon?

With more and more friends getting sick, the school being closed and the whole community locked in from the outside world, Eve, Jess and Luke are going to need every bit of brain, strength and knowledge that they can to outwit and get rid of this demon – who is he? Could he be one of them?

A great read for young adults that like a bit of the occult and are sick of vampires but still like to see a girl kick some bad ass butt!

The Reading Stack reviewed book one Shadows, in June 2010. Book two, The Hunt, was released in late 2010 and book four, Betrayal, will be out soon.

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