21 March 2011

Walker Stories

Walker Books. Australian, Childrens. Paperback RRP $11.95

Guest Reviewer Jo Burnell

Move over Aussie Nibbles, you’ve got company.

The Walker Stories have arrived. Three short stories in each book dovetail to make irresistible early readers. Layers of meaning, plenty to smile about and satisfying endings are sure to hook even the most reluctant reader to these pages.

The Lost Treasure

by Jan Stradling, illustrated by Cassandra Allen

Pirate Ruby is happy most of the time and loves to help people, while Pirate Hamish is nearly always cross. He loves taking treasure. Short sentences with lots of action lead to a surprise ending. Of course, there’s a moral to the story, but can you guess where the treasure is? All is not as it seems.

Mr Tripp Smells a Rat

by Sandy McKay, illustrated by Ruth Paul

Mr Tripp is round like a teddy bear until he goes on a diet. He’s scared of rats too, but he’s very brave and he’s good at telling jokes. Mr Tripp insists that everyone is good at something and his students don’t let him down. So much is packed into this little chapter book, it left me breathless. There are no less than 10 jokes, advice about nits and head lice as well as plenty of action. Who wouldn’t want to visit this classroom where there is so much fun and so much to learn?

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