20 June 2010


A Dark Touch Novel

by Amy Meredith

Random House Australia. Young Adult, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $17.95

Fifteen-year-old Eve Evergold thought she only had one talent – the power to shop! Living in the Hamptons (in the US) where the rich and famous try to hide, it’s no wonder. With a very large credit card limit and a best friend, Jess, who likes shopping just as much as Eve, the only problem these girls have is which of the two new hunks to arrive in Deepdene, will they each date.

Unfortunately one of these boys is a demon. Is it mysterious but shy Mal or Luke, the new minister’s son who has a new girl on his arm every day? Soon the women and girls of Deepdene are carted to the local mental hospital babbling about demons and soul sucking.

When Eve starts shooting fire from her finger tips she faces the realisation that she may be the one to continue her family’s tradition, becoming the Deepdene Witch to overthrow the demon. But which boy is the one?

With the shadows growing thicker and trying to grip both Jess’ and Eve’s minds, can a young girl with no skills other than knowing when to get a great price on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s be able to fight and survive the master demon?

Shadows is a novel for girls who like to think there is more to a person than meets the eye and who desire to kick some demon butt while wearing great shoes.

A modern day super hero story with the intrigue of ancient witchcraft. The Hunt is the second Dark Touch novel due out later this year.

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