19 June 2010

I Spy Mum!

by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Chantal Stewart

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Picture Book. Hardcover rrp $24.95

On the first page is a young boy in a sailor’s suit atop a boat’s mast with a telescope to his eye searching the seas for his mum.

'I spy with my little eye mums all starting with m.
But can I find the one who’s mine?’

From baking mum to dabble-drawing mum, slip-slap-sliding mum to ding-a-linging mum, there are lots of mums for this boy to see. Is one of these mums the right one for him?

Children, both boys and girls, will love the characters and they may even spot their own mother in the wonderful illustrations by Stewart. As a mother I searched for myself in a few of the mums and found that my son did the same – from the colour of their hair, to even a pattern on their clothes.

A delightful book for young children to investigate and read, cuddled together with their mums..

Brian and Stewart’s I Spy Dad! was reviewed by The Reading Stack in October 2009.


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