27 October 2009

I Spy Dad

by Janeen Brian. Illustrated by Chantal Stewart

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Picture book. Hardcover rrp $24.95

Some books are wonderful fun and I Spy Dad is definitely one of those. The little girl has a paper telescope to her eye looking for her Dad but she finds all sorts of fathers.

I can see a splashing dad, a crashing dad, a dashing dad,
A rowing dad, a mowing dad and a snip-snap sewing dad.
But none of them belong to me.

So many dads to choose from but eventually the little girl finds the one that is just right.

There’s my dad who loves me so.
He’s the one for me.

The words rollick across the page in glorious read-aloud rhythm. Newly independent readers will excitedly barrel along. The illustrations are full of humour whether dad is falling backwards while pulling out weeds or creeping along with the crawling toddlers. I love the way Stewart draws young faces – so full of fun and mischief. Dad looks mischievous too!

This book is a celebration of fatherhood. The perfect gift from a young son or daughter.


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