28 October 2009


by Peter Temple

The Text Publishing Company. Australian, Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.95

A woman is found naked and dead in a glass bath, in a brand new luxury apartment in a complex that boasts the best casino in the world and the latest security. How did she get there and how did she die? When Inspector Stephen Villani, head of the Victorian Police homicide squad, starts to ask the easy questions, he finds that even the simplest of them is impossible to answer. Too many high profiles are attached to this new high-security tower.

Across town, three men are found butchered. They are all members of a drug group. With each of these killings Villani’s job becomes more difficult.

Villani is also battling personal demons. His marriage is falling apart; his teenage daughter has run away to the drug addled streets he is trying to clean up. His father is fighting a raging bushfire against the family property and large forest Villani and his dad lovingly planted many years ago.

Truth is a novel about the consequences of not being truthful. It is about honesty, love, lies, corruption, family and murder. Both fans and newcomers to Peter Temple’s crime writing will not be disappointed.

The Reading Stack reviewed In the Evil Day in Issue 5 and Shooting Star in Issue 7.

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