26 October 2010

Old MacDonald had a Farm

illustrated by Mandy Foot

Hachette Children’s Books. Australian, Picture Book. Hardback rrp $24.99

Here is another children’s favourite song brought to life by Mandy Foot in her uniquely Australian way.

Everyone around the globe can sing the traditional version of the song about Old MacDonald and his variety of farm animals. But in Australia we have the emu and the kangaroo, the cockatoos and the kookaburras. Of course the standard farm animals are there too - the horse, the pigs and the sheep.

Old MacDonald had a Farm is a fun interactive book for children of all ages. Old MacDonald himself is wonderfully portrayed as a typical outback farmer, right to the point where he lies in his outdoor bathtub still wearing his old hole-ridden hat.

Throughout the pages readers can count the number of kookaburras and at the end find the words and music reproduced for those budding musicians. A great book for all young children and a special treat for overseas readers.

The Reading Stack reviewed Mandy Foot’s The Wheels on the Bus in October 2009.

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