06 October 2009

The Wheels on the Bus

illustrated by Mandy Foot

Hachette Children’s Books. Australian, Picture. Hardback rrp $29.99

Here the popular song “The Wheels on the Bus…” has been brought to life in a very unique Australian way. This is a book that explores the Australian countryside while through the traditional elements of the song with a new illustration perspective.

The characters are all Australian animals from the wombat bus driver to the kangaroo wearing a Hawaiian shirt. There is even a “spot the iguana” on every page. For musicians and future sing-alongs, the music is printed at the end of the book.

I especially loved the verse “The wipers on the bus go…” with the illustration of the wombat rowing the bus around the Great Barrier Reef with the emu wearing goggles and flippers swimming beside!

We have owned a Wheels on the Bus book for over 15 years. It is dog eared and very tired from the numerous hands that have turned its pages time and time again. So my family was very pleased to discover Mandy Foot’s version. It is quirky, funny and typically Australian.

Colourful, humorous and very entertaining. A great Christmas present for overseas children or a great present to share and entertain your own children. There is also an interactive website http://www.thewheelsonthebus.com.au/ where you can download games and things to do or travel around Australia.


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