24 October 2010

Mini Shopaholic

by Sophie Kinsella

Random House Australia. Adult Other. Paperback rrp $32.95

There are five previous books written by Sophie Kinsella about Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) and I confess I have not read any of them. I also confess I now want to after reading Mini Shopaholic.

Becky Brandon is married to Luke and they have a two-year-old daughter, Minnie. They live with Becky’s parents in London. Becky is a personal shopper and fashion consultant at a major clothing store. Luke runs his own successful PR company.

The Brandon’s life seems complete. The only minor hitch is finding a home and after a few failures they finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Becky’s parents can have their home to themselves again and Becky can expand the family to give Minnie a sibling.

After only a few chapters of Mini Shopaholic I realised that nothing is ever simple for Becky. And when disaster strikes time and time again, it seems the Brandon’s have a few serious problems after all.

Minnie might have a behavioural problem. Becky starts to question if her child is spoilt and she is doing the right thing by her. With Luke’s surprise birthday party thrown on top of everything that is going on it is a wonder Becky doesn’t fall from her Jimmy Choo’s and land into the world of the £0.99 and Pound Store.

It took me a while to assimilate into the unreal story of the Brandon’s but by the end I was emotionally involved in the character’s lives. This is not a book to be taken seriously but a fun, light-hearted look at how the other half lives (not my half!). The second half of the 400+ pages was worth the wait to get there.


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