22 October 2010

Martha Doesn’t Share!

by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Hachette Children’s books. Australian, Picture Book. Paperback, rrp $16.99

Martha’s favourite new word is … MINE!

Every adult knows about that word. Every child knows about THAT word. And Martha knows it very well. Too well in fact. Her baby brother, mother and father all leave Martha to play with her toys, after all, they are hers.

But Martha learns a very important lesson.

Martha decides to play a game.
But it’s hard to ping
when you don’t have someone to pong.

A wonderful book for children to learn about sharing in a very subtle way and Whatley’s illustrations of Martha and her very defiant face meld perfectly with Berger’s story. I can almost see Martha’s expressions change from page to page – twitching as she soon realises her error.

The Reading Stack reviewed Bruce Whatley’s Zoobots in June 2010.

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