23 June 2010


by Bruce Whatley

Harper Collins. Australian, Picture. Hardcover rrp $24.99

The first thing readers of any age will notice about Zoobots is the images. Big, bold and beautiful. These lifelike piles of junk look like they could easily clatter and roll off the page. The full page action scenes have a distinct animation feel. Movement is only one small imaginative step away.

But there is much more to Zoobots than the rich visuals. It is a story of friendship and acceptance. Zebo already has two best friends – big Hyde and little TC. But she feels the need for one more, a middle-sized friend. “You can never have too many best friends” she tells the others.

Despite their efforts, Hyde, Zebo and TC cannot make a new friend from the bits and pieces lying around Junk Jungle. But ultimately new friends are not built, they are found ready-made. When Ruby appears, she is just right.

Award winning illustrator Bruce Whatley and his son have collaborated to produce a real winner – where storytelling and pictures combine with humour and affection.

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