22 June 2010

The Bad Butterfly

Billie B Brown

by Sally Rippin

Hardie Grant Egmont. Australian, Junior. Paperback rrp $7.95

Feisty, exuberant and full of bounce. Sometimes too much bounce for ballet classes. That’s Billie B Brown, the star of the new Billie B Brown chapter books and The Bad Butterfly, the first book in the series.

Billie and her friend Jack, are going to ballet classes. Girls like Billie are soft, floaty butterflies and boys like Jack are energetic, stomping trolls. But even after extra practise with Jack, who’s very good at ballet, Billie knows something is not quite right. “Hey,” she says. “I’ve got an idea.” Could Billie stomp and Jack float?

Billie B Brown is a terrific role model, encouraging young girls to be themselves, explore their own strengths and challenge stereotypes. She’s the sort of girl who makes you want to cheer, go Billie.

The Bad Butterfly is easy to read and perfectly suited to emerging readers with short chapters, large text, humorous illustrations and lots of sound noises. Where Billie goes there is always action happening! Young girls will love reading about her adventures.


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