07 August 2010

Shadow Sister

by Simone van der Vlugt

Text Publishing Company. Adult Fiction, Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.95

Two identical sisters. Born to wealthy Dutch parents there was no need for either to pursue a career but they both did.

Lydia teaches the Dutch language to students from other countries, Elisa is a photographer with her own studio. Lydia is married with a young daughter. Elisa doesn’t seem to be able to stay with any one man except her good friend Thomas.

Life is good for the girls until Lydia is confronted by a knife-wielding student, stalked, threatened by letter and murdered at her front door. When the police cannot find any evidence of who the murderer is (the student has an alibi), Elisa decides to take up the search.

Is it as the police suggest - that it could have been a case of mistaking one sister for another? Is Elisa in danger? Why would anyone want either of the sisters dead? The story poses many questions and none of the answers are predictable.

Shadow Sister is a gripping tale narrated by both sisters. I’d have never guessed the killer. I can’t say any more… read it to find out for yourself. I bet you never guess either.


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