05 August 2010

Fatal Tango

by Wolfram Fleischhauer

Pan Macmillan Australia. Mystery, Romance, History. Paperback rrp $32.99

Set across two countries, Germany and Argentina, Fatal Tango is the story of lovers who try to defy their births and their history, to be together.

Giulietta Battin is a ballerina in the corps of the Berlin Opera Company. Damian Alsina is an Argentinian tango extraordinaire who is touring Germany. Giulietta is preparing herself for a new piece Tango Suite and wants to learn more about the dance of the tango and its music. Two people, different worlds, destined to collide.

Their passionate affair awakens Giulietta to the wonderful world of the tango and a man she has completely fallen in love with. But her dominating father is not happy and when Giulietta arrives home to her flat to find her father bound and gagged and Damian gone, she is devastated.

Desperate to find Damien, Giulietta takes flight to Argentina but what she discovers is a country lost and in despair.

Everyone Giulietta meets warns her to stay away from Damian or el loco (crazy), as the locals call him, but she knows there is something important in his unusual dance style and has started to interpret what he has been trying to say through dance.

Fatal Tango is about the tango, attraction and the political history of a country run by a cruel dictatorship. A fantastic story.


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