09 August 2010

School for Heroes

Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior

by Jackie French and illustrated by Andrea F Potter

Harper Collins Publishers Australia. Australian, Fantasy, Junior. Paperback rrp $20.00

Guest Reviewer - Tenaya aged 11

This book, falling into the fantasy genre, is about a young werewolf, Boojum Bark, who is living life happily with his mother running the “Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe”. On Christmas Eve he sniffs out trouble and finds his mother stuck to the ground with strawberry jam, and he is stuck as well, while an evil creature, Greedle, steals his mum and the best ice cream in the world. He gets himself and the town mayor, who came to help, out of the trouble but his mum is gone.

A Hero is called to the trouble and tells Boo that he has the destiny to become a Hero. Boo is shocked but takes up the challenge to go to the School for Heroes, mainly to try to find his mum. After a very embarrassing first day, he pursues and makes friends with Mug and the mysterious Yesterday, all the while trying his hardest to please Princess Sunbeam Caresse von Pewke. Using their unique talents, the five (four, mainly - the princess seems to always forget something back in her own universe) can overcome even the hardest of challenges.

I liked the humour of this book, and the cleverness of some of the sentences.

There was nothing I disliked, because the whole book was great!

I would rate this book 8 out of 10, because at the start it didn’t really intrigue me much.

I think it would be suitable for 9-12 year olds.


Editors Note: Two of our young readers chose to review this book. Check out Josie's review at http://thereadingstack.blogspot.com/2010/07/school-for-heroes.html

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