27 August 2010

Blood Feud

by Alyxandra Harvey

Allen and Unwin. Fantasy, Romance, Crime, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $14.99

Isabeau St Croix was born to aristocracy in France at the wrong time. At the age of sixteen, she watches both parents beheaded and is forced to hide her true identity. After a year living on the streets of Paris she finds her way to safety, the home of her uncle in London.

Now eighteen, Isabeau has her whole life ahead of her until she meets Lord Greyhaven. One bite and she is left to be buried for 200 years until the Hounds release her from her comatose existence in a London cemetery.

Isabeau is a Hound too, not quite as mad as the Hel-Blar (uncontrollable and crazy vampires). Vampires believe the Hounds are not civilised and live like dogs. But when Isabeau and Logan Drake (son of the reigning Queen of the Vampires) meet, their lives are destined to be intertwined. Isabeau has already saved Solange, Logan’s only sister, from Montmartre, a rogue vampire who wants to kill the Queen and join with Solange to become ruler of the Vampires.

Can these two factions of vampires, unite and beat Montmarte and his army of Hel-Blar? Will Isabeau confront her killer Greyhaven?

The French Revolution and modern day vampire feuds. For fans of the Drake Chronicles you will not be disappointed in this sequel to My Love Lies Bleeding. This is one book that I couldn’t put down until the end.

The Reading Stack reviewed the first book in the Drake Chronicles, My Love Lies Bleeding in February 2010. Out for Blood is the third and final book and will be available November 2010.


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