28 August 2010

Rufus the Numbat

by David Miller

Ford Street Publishing. Australian, Picture Book. Hardcover rrp $24.95

How much havoc can one numbat cause just walking through the town? Quite a lot, if that numbat is Rufus!

“Rufus the numbat is just passing through.
That’s all, just passing through.”

Where Rufus goes, trouble follows. From tripping a cyclist to interrupting some ladies having cake, Rufus is just trying to get to the bush.

David Miller has illustrated Rufus’ travels with paper sculptures on painted backgrounds to give the story a three dimensional effect. Rufus is so bristly and cute young readers won’t be able to resist putting their hands out to touch and pat his brown and white coat. A wonderful story using an interesting medium.

David Miller’s Big and Me was reviewed by the Reading Stack in Issue 12, November 2008.

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