26 August 2010

The Truth About Penguins

by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Mark Jackson

Walker Books. Australian, Picture. Hardback rrp $27.95

Guest Reviewer Jo Burnell

Have you ever heard of Chinese whispers? Well, the residents at the local Zoo are expecting penguins. One curious squirrel has the courage to ask, ‘What’s a penguin?’ and the fun begins. The answers offered by fellow Zoo residents are hilarious.

What is the truth about penguins? Can they fly? Do they love tropical beaches and hate to swim? Are they really party animals?

When the ranger decides to correct the rumours, he does a wonderful job of setting out the facts. That is, until the penguins arrive.

What is the truth about penguins? Mark Jackson’s illustrations add extra twists of humour if you take the time to see. I’ll be going back many times to soak up the giggles and enjoy the action.


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