01 June 2010

Bright Angel

by Isabelle Merlin

Random House Australia. Australian, Young Adult, Mystery, Romance, Crime. Paperback rrp $17.95

Isabelle Merlin has done it again! Bright Angel is the fourth book in Merlin’s YA female mystery genre and just like, Three Wishes, Pop Princess and Cupid’s Arrow, I was hooked from the first page.

Having witnessed a very traumatic experience, Sylvie and her older sister, Claire, are invited to the south of France to relax and forget. Their Auntie Freddy is staying in a quiet village writing a book. What better way to recuperate from the horrific scenes they witnessed in Australia.

But the surrounding region of St-Bertrand is not so quiet. It is bustling with a French movie crew and some very interesting young men who keep Sylvie and Claire occupied.

Daniel is aloof and fiercely protective of his much younger brother, Gabriel. Why does Sylvie hate this arrogant guy but at the same time, can’t stop thinking about him? When Gabriel is kidnapped, both Daniel and Sylvie re-evaluate each other’s feelings, not necessarily correctly.

This is a great read with some interesting historical facts threaded throughout. If you have a teenage girl who is over vampires and werewolves then Bright Angel is just the book!


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