31 May 2010

The Ruby Talisman

by Belinda Murrell

Random House Australia. Australian, Junior, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $15.95

Tilly isn’t coping with her parents’ divorce. Nothing is going right, from her fencing classes, to her mother continually blaming her and having to always look after her pesky little brother. Life seems so unfair. Then Tilly overhears her mother crying to her aunt on the phone. Is Tilly really that hard to live with?
Her aunt suggests that Tilly stay with her for the weekend. Reluctantly Tilly goes. Her aunt tells her a story from the family’s past and shows her a priceless heirloom. Tilly falls asleep to dream of the French Revolution and her beautiful ancestral grandmother, Amelie-Mathilde.

Fifteen year-old Amelie-Mathilde is set to be married off to ensure her family’s inheritance is kept secure. She too falls asleep, holding her ruby talisman, and dreams of someone to come and rescue her.

Tilly becomes part of the dream. Can a modern teenage girl adjust and fit in in 1789 France? Can this same young girl learn greater lessons from two privileged French aristocrats? The three must face many dangers but ultimately there must be a happy ending. How else would Tilly be alive in Australia in the 2000’s? This book is a real page turner.

The Ruby Talisman is another excellent time-slip story from Belinda Murrell following The Locket of Dreams , reviewed by The Reading Stack in May 2009.


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