18 May 2009

The Locket of Dreams

by Belinda Murrell

Random House Australia. Australian, Junior, Young Adult. Paperback rrp$15.95

The Locket of Dreams is a time-slip story set in present-day Australia and 19th Century Scotland. This tale of two 12-year-old girls is woven together so brilliantly I can almost believe time travel and ghosts could be the same thing.

Sophie finds an old locket in a beautiful carved box that belongs to her grandmother. When she goes to sleep with the locket safely around her neck she dreams. Sophie dreams of her great great-great-grandmother, Charlotte and what happens to her.

Sophie’s grandmother has already told her how Charlotte and her sister Nell became orphans at the age of 12 and 10. Their uncle sent the girls to Australia and stole their family inheritance. Charlotte and Nell arrive in Australia with very little, just a locket and a bangle.

But how did Charlotte and Nell’s parents die? Why did their uncle betray them? And what happened to their mother’s priceless ring – the Star of Serendib?

Through her dreams, Sophie reaches out to ease Charlotte and Nell’s fears of what Australia holds. She also discovers how to help her own family and their problems.

The Locket of Dreams is a wonderful modern day fantasy that young girls, and boys, will enjoy reading. And maybe they will look a little into their own family history, searching for mystery, adventure and treasure.


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