17 May 2009

A year in girl hell – Crushed

by Meredith Costain

Hardie Grant Egmont. Australian, Junior, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $14.95

A year in girl hell – Crushed is the story of Lexi, Mia and Alysha, told from Lexi’s point of view. The three girls are all starting high school together. They have been best friends since they met in primary school and refer to themselves as the Awesome Threesome. But high school is a very different world and the three besties end up being separated. Lexi and Alysha are in the same classes but poor Mia is on her own.

Lexi is happy she has Alysha with her but feels really sad for Mia. Then Mia befriends another girl Michi who becomes part of the girl’s circle. Although Lexi likes Michi, jealousy threatens her friendship with Mia and Alysha? Why does Alysha now want to hang around the cool group – the shinies? Is Lexi the loser ever going to find where she belongs?

This wonderful story of a girl’s experiences beginning high school will immediately appeal to young teenage girls. I know - I’ve been there and now I have a daughter in exactly this same position. It can be terrifying, daunting and exciting and Costain has captured those feelings perfectly.

There are three more books due in the A year in girl hell series, Dumped, Burned and Trashed. Although the story occurs in the same period of time, each book is narrated by a different one of the remaining girls - so you will get to view high school life from each girl’s own perspective. Brilliant.


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  1. What a good book!!! I LOVED it!!! I have the whole series!!! =D