19 May 2009


by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Random House Australia. Young Adult, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $17.95

Fate is the sequel to Tattoo but having said that, I haven’t read Tattoo yet felt quite comfortable reading Fate. The history of the four main characters is cleverly and transparently revisited in the early chapters.

Bailey, Zo, Delia, and Annabelle are very close friends, starting their final year at school and looking at the prospects of colleges and leaving their friendship behind. But one of these four girls is not so ordinary. Bailey is a student and good friend by day but at night she is the third Fate, Life. Every evening she returns to the Nexus to meet up with her Sidhe parents, Valgius and Adea, the other two fates – Birth and Death. Together these three weave the lives of humans.

‘Deftly, instinctively, I crossed this path with that, melded threads together and tore others apart. The fabric was cool to the touch, but white-hot sparks leapt off my body as I wove.

Zo, Delia and Annabelle know Bailey’s secret. Two years ago they were given special abilities to help Bailey overcome an evil Sidhe, but they now have no powers, other than the power of friendship.

Bailey is half Sidhe, half human. Two bloodlines run through her veins and now the Gods of the Otherworld want Bailey to choose. Not between human and Sidhe, but between dark and light. Whichever option Bailey chooses, she must live in the Otherworld to ensure the two worlds are kept in balance.

That means she must leave her human friends behind. Is there a way Bailey can stay with her three friends and still weave the lives of humans? It all seems impossible. But friendship is a powerful weapon and Bailey finds that it might just be what is needed to overcome her problems.

Fate is a story that I didn’t want to end. Barnes’ herself is a master weaver - of lives, love and friendship.


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