20 May 2009

Short and Twisted 2009

Stories and poems with a twist

Edited by Kathryn Duncan

Celapene Press. Australian, Adult Other. Paperback rrp $23.00

One Sunday morn, closeted from the wild wind that has berated our home for the past days, I sit upstairs on our sunny verandah looking out over mountains, trees and ocean. The familiar weekend noises are resonating around me - children playing, mowers humming and birds talking. Peaceful. The family happily occupied with whatever – I indulge myself and open Short and Twisted. I gasp, I laugh, I giggle, I cringe, I worry, I smile.

Short and Twisted is a collection of stories with one thing in common … they must have a twist at the end! And yes they all do! I started to write down the stories I liked the most but ran out of paper. There were a few that were very personal to me and Growing Pains by Carmel Reid was so surprising, I laughed out loud. Butcher by Grant Shanks (I wonder if the name started him on this story?) has the funniest ending I have ever read – and in only one and a half pages it certainly was twisted.

But the one that touched me the most was Planned? by Tiggy Johnson. I wonder Tiggy, have we met? You touched a nerve!

As you can see, this book will speak to everyone. There is fantasy, crime, mystery, romance, and more. A book to read bit by bit or all at once, beginning to end or end to beginning, it doesn’t matter. You decide. I suggest you will read them more than once and that you tell a friend about at least one of the stories.

If you think you can write something suitable then go to http://www.celapenepress.com.au/ to check out how you can submit your own short and twisted story for the 2010 book.

One book, one morning. Over 70 stories! All different, all twisted. Endings not what you expect. Stories that grip. A perfect Sunday morning.

Short and Twisted 2008 was reviewed in Issue 12 of The Reading Stack.

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