10 February 2010

Girls Only

by Kerrie Hess

Random House. Australian, Children’s Non-Fiction. Paperback rrp $14.95

As the title tells us: is for girls only! It is targeted at girls aged 11+ although some “older” girls may find this handbook just as useful.

The subheading tells it all: everything you need for a girls’ night in. This pocket sized sleepover companion is packed with great ideas for parties (for girls only!). Hess likes to do things in tens - there are ten types of parties, ten party tips, top ten party pop songs, top 10 movies to watch, etc.

As I read through the ideas and themes, I wondered if this would also appeal to those who don’t like girlie things. Then I noticed that there was a haunted house party and a sports theme party. So if you don’t want a makeover party there are plenty of choices to choose from.

Also included are recipes, invitation designs, activities, settings, costume ideas. The Blood Milkshake was a hit in my home.

Girls Only is a fun but useful book and a great resource for that next sleepover session! With Hess providing the ideas and advice, there won’t be too much sleeping but there will be lots of fun!


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